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Aluminum cut with LaserMen fiber laser cutting machine
Aluminium is a common metal material used by the transportation industry, such as the aerospace and automotive sectors to increase fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emission. It also applicates for the electronics industry such as housings and battery casings, because it is durable and easy to process.
Aluminum as one kind of high-reflective material, it has high requirements for fiber laser machine.
LaserMen fiber laser cutting machine with the China Top brand fiber laser source. High speed laser head is with capacitive sensing to automatically, stably and rapidly 
adjust the laser head height during cutting, which ensures it cutting with the same and the best focal length all the time even if the metal sheet is not flat. FSCUT control system,its software is with fly cutting mode for cutting same products to save time. The nesting function automatically arranges graphs to leave minimum spaces and save materials. YASKAWA servo motors and SHIMPO reducer which ensure the precision of the cutting materials.Different laser power can cut different thickness of aluminum. 



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