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Micro processing fiber laser cutting machine

Product name: Micro processing fiber laser cutting machine
Model: LM-6080P
Laser power: 1000w / 1500w / 2000w / 3000w
Working range: 600 x 800mm
Application: Machine is suitable for ultra precision cutting, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, gold, silver, aluminum, brass, copper and tight sheet metal fittings, etc

Machine features

1.The precision fiber metal laser cutting machine adopts ultra-high precision linear motor module, compact structure and low power loss. 
2.Without mechanical contact, friction force is smaller. Smooth movement, high position accuracy and re-positioning accuracy, higher speed and acceleration. 
3.Fast reaction speed, high sensitivity, excellent follow-up performance, safe and reliable, long service life, low motion noise. 
4.Ultra-small space, unique processing accuracy.
5.Used in medical, electronics, precision accessories and other fields
6.Cutting slit is narrow, cutting incision is smooth and flat, and the speed is fast.

Technical parameters

 Model LM-6080P
 Laser type Fiber laser, 1080nm
 Laser power 1000w / 1500w / 2000w / 3000w
Fiber laser brand Raycus / MAX / RECI / BWT
 Working area 600 x 800 mm
 Min Line width 0.1mm
 Positioning accuracy 0.03mm
 Max. Cutting speed 30m/min
 Transmission type Precision dual ball screw transmission
 Driving system Serve motors
 Cutting thickness Depending on laser power and material
 Assisting gas Compressed air, oxygen and nitrogen
 Cooling mode Industrial circulation water chiller
 Visual positioning Red dot
 Working voltage 220V/380V
 Machine dimensions/Net Weight 1800*1720*1820mm/1500kg
 Packing dimensions/Gross Weight 2500*1900*2090mm/1700kg


Machine details

precision fiber laser cutting machine

Machine view of precision fiber laser cutting machine

Laser head:Raytools fiber laser cutting head with auto following system.
Laser source:
Top brand  Raycus / RECI / MAX / JPT fiber laser source  with 1000w / 1500w / 2000w / 3000w laser power.

Adopting marble countertop, high precision, low linear expansion coefficient; no rust, easy to maintenance

marble countertop

Ball screw and linear rail transmission, which ensures machine high speed movement, precision and stability as well

transmission system

FSCUT fiber laser cutting control system, include control board , height control and machine software in English. Supporting files: DXF, PLT, AI, LXD, etc. Drawing in the software is also ok.

FSCUT control system

Automatic Rail Lubrication System: the frequency of use can be set by adjusting the parameters through the computer.
Drawer: easy to collect materials

high precision fiber laser cutting machine

Machine Application

The equipment meets the parts processing requirements of most industries, working accuracy is stable. At present, laser cutting machines have been widely used in electronics, electrical, mechanical hardware, new energy lithium, packaging, solar, LED, automotive and other industries.

precision fiber laser cutting machine sample

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