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UV Laser Marking Machine

Product name: UV Laser Marking Machine
Model: LM-3, LM-5
Laser power: 3W, 5W
Working range: 110*110mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm

Machine features

1. The machine takes 355nm light laser device as the light source. Ultraviolet laser marking machines have the advantage of limiting thermal stress that other laser machines do not.
2, The heat affected area is very small, will not produce thermaleffects, will not produce material scorching problem.
3, The good quality and small focus spotlight could achieve the ultrafine marking with high speed and high efficiency.
4, Pre-installed high-precision practical multi-functional work surface, the table has a number of flexible screw holes, convenient installation of special fixture platform.
5, The cooling system is air cooling, to ensure that the laser longlife, stability, reliable work and other characteristics.
6, High efficiency of the photoelectric conversion and long servicelife.

Technical parameters

Frequency Range 20kHz-150kHz
Average Power Stability RMS≤3%@24hr
Pulse-to-Pulse Stability RMS≤3%@40kHz
Beam Circularity >90%
Laser wavelength 355nm
Maximum speed 7000mm/s
Marking Area 60mm(option)
Minimum line width 0.01mm
Minimum height of characters 0.2mm
Cooling way water cooling
Laser power supply 0.5KW/AC220V/50Hz
Environmental requirements 0 ~ 35 ° C, 90% or humidity
Control board EZCAD2
Software BJJCZ



Machine details

UV laser marking machine
3w uv laser marking machine

Machine Application

LaserMen UV laser marking machine has a fine effect and clear and firm marks. It is suitable for cosmetics, medicines, food, flexible PCB boards, LCD liquid crystal glass, glassware surfaces, metal surface coatings, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, etc. multiple fields.
uv laser marking machine sample
5w laser marking machine for metal and nonmetal

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