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Because of the thickness and types of paper, it is widely used in different industies. While the application of laser machine in paper greatly improves the work efficiency and opens up the application industry.
Today let’s talk about several common uses about paper : bookmarks, greeting cards and invitations which are very popular with laser machines. 
These bookmarks, greeting cards and invitations are colorful, black or white, with various styles and are loved by people.
It is popular for home business, small business, or a gift store. Are you interested in making a beautiful bookmark by yourself?
It is easy with a small LaserMen co2 laser machine. We can design different patterns or shapes by ourselves. A LaserMen cnc co2 laser machine can satisfy our demand. We can try and make different small gifts. LaserMen machines is easy to operate. 
You hardly need to worry about after-sales. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.
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