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LaserMen co2 laser machines for wood cutting, engraving and marking.
Wooden products are very common in life. From small trinkets to large advertising decoration, we can see them easily.
Application of wooden products enriches our life. At the same time laser machines have played an important role in wood processing. 

wood samples of laser machines

Wooden products with laser machines have been used in many industries. 
1. Bags and boxes: Wooden handbags, storage boxes, business card cases, cosmetic boxes, gift boxes, wine box etc.

2. Tags: Log making, pet tag, bookmarks etc.
3. Household: tables and chairs, wooden houses, wooden walls Boards, wooden tableware,wooden speakers,  Bookshelves,
 clocks, wooden coasters. decorations for wooden door,  tea sets,  cylindrical pattern etc.
4. Office Supplies: wooden U flash disks, pen holders,wooden rulers, notebooks etc.
5. Advertising: logo, wooden billboards, wooden frames etc.
6. Crafts: calendar, wooden phone cases, wooden medals, wooden combs etc.
7. Toys: wooden toys, Jigsaw puzzle, models, blocks etc.
8. Ornaments: jewelry.
9. Car decoration: wooden car mats.
LaserMen co2 laser machines can work on wooden products for cutting, engraving, marking. The LaserMen machines can make different patterns and shapes. You can use the laser machine as a magic brush, wood is your white painting paper, and it will bring you a lot of surprise. Laser machines with rotary device can work in round materials. So, Laser machines from LaserMen can meet different needs of people.

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