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LaserMen LM-1325 double heads 150w CO2 laser cutting machine cutting leather

03 / 7 / 2024

1. LaserMen double head laser engraving cutting machine for nonmetal. with double heads working, more efficiency.
2. Two co2 glass laser tube, laser power can be with 80w+80w, 100w+100w, 150w+150w, 180w+180, 80w+150w, 80w+180w.
3. There are 2 sizes for your choice:130x90cm and 160x100cm.    
4.  Machine driving system is stepper motors. Fast engraving speed is up to 1200mm/sec. 
5. Double heads working, more efficiency, can cut and engrave wood, acrylic, MDF, plastic, leather etc.
6. Some optional functions like red dot pointer, motorized up-down table, rotary, auto focus, WIFI provide more convenience and applicable range.

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